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The modern technologies we’ve set up, the high level of the quality control and also the long experience with our clients have made our products preferable on the local and on the EU market.

The production is divided in the following processes:


74 double cylinder knitting machines with 130, 156, 168 and 176 needles – monthly capacity of approx. 250 000 pairs of plain classic, jacquard, link jacquard and derby (rips) styles

44 single cylinder knitting machines with 108, 112, 144, 156 and 200 needles – monthly capacity of approx. 250 000 pairs of plain, terry and half terry (normal and sandwich), fancy and sport styles with up to 5 col. in a knit-line with reversed welt.


Done on high quality hand-linking equipment with a monthly capacity of 85 000 pairs and on specialized linear “rosso” machines incl. such with fine flat stitching functions with a monthly capacity of approx. 500 000 pairs.


It aims at the improvement of the touch, the appearance and all technical parameters of the socks. The additional treatments include softening, aloe vera, special long lasting anti-bacterial processing incl. Santized© & Silver ions and real cool cotton max© dressing for fast moisture absorbing with improved by Fenix ‘94 technical parameters compared to the standard ones.


Done via steam fixing on automats with special moldings or manually on electrically heated moulds.

QA experts are working in every department of the company.

Sorting and packaging of socks with strict compliance to customer’s requirements.

All types of socks are manufactured within the standard men’s, ladies’ and children’s sizes but also in specified by the customer ones.

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