FENIX 94 Ltd. has built many long term relationships producing numerous of articles for many international brands. Among them are Go Sport, Olympia, C&A, Quelle, Reebok, Nike, Marks & Spencer, Carrefour, Hema, Tschibo etc. Thanks to our partners nowadays our company is at the leading positions in its branch and all our products have become a synonym of high quality and present fashion. These collaborations affected also the level of the services we offer helping us to achieve higher effectiveness levels in a very short period of time.

Knowing that a great part of the success is the progress we invest a lot of efforts and funds to move forth expanding our capacity as fast as possible. This allows us to be flexible and able to respond to all the needs of our current and future customers.

We are aware that the quality of the products and the wear comfort are the most important issues for our partners and that is why we offer each client special articles in every way.